Thursday, April 29, 2010

Female DeeJay Will Make the Crowd More Alive

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Don’t you think female DJ will make the place more alive? I agree because it will not only attract guys to stay at the club longer but normally female have a good taste in song. Nowadays you can see more guys DJ than female not sure for other country but it is good for a change maybe they can better than guys!

Maybe on the same time you can find hot chick in the club and hot guys too. Some people are too desperate need to go this kind of places to *ahem* release something different people have different choices. Not Sperm! Releas pressure or whatever your really motive to do in the club club clubbling.

Keep Rocking Female Deejay!

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2 Lovely Comment:

Kelvin said...

Hot chicks really makes u stays longer^^

Jimmy T said...

Kelvin@ agree i will stay longer to stare at them haha!