Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look at the Pink Color Car on the ROAD!

barbiehummer_thumbporrsche_thumb   pink_veyron_thumbpinkbmw_thumb  pinkcorvette_thumb

As you know all girls like Pink Color car they think it is really cute. Even everything that they wear have pink in color. Even a pink color car is even hotter. Look at that hummer it don’t look like girly but it look more like tough chick if you know what I mean.


Not only that when try drive around they will surely attract attention all around! For older car wtih pinkish color it look like it is more like a rip off than more expensive like BMW,Bugatti Veyron. If i can get a free Bugatti even it is in pink color i would dry it. But if it is a cheaper car i would rather walk because people would say funny and weird stuff.


I am not saying i am choosy and rich. Just sharing a point of view of person that I know they are very rich they don’t even want to drive car that are cheap and basically lousy. Cheap car have their good and bad, it see how you look at it. Not because you are rich you can buy BMW,Mercedez etc etc. Love it or Hate it

5 Lovely Comment:

Jinx Joey said...

walao.. see too many pink stuff, feel like vomiting ady.. @.@

Jimmy T said...

Jinx@ Why lah! Girls normally like pink stuff!

Jinx Joey said...

.... too much.. LOL.. not really like pink tat much. xD hahaha


Wow~so pink! I want ;D

Jimmy T said...

Jinx@ Ya too much Pink can make people crazy like your commenter below look at her pic like mental! lol

Tan@ Read on top lol!