Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Review Date Night



This is the best movie of 2010 since Valentine Day! I tell you it is the best movie because from start to finish the comedy of the movie is so funny until i have a stomach ache. Can you believe that?


Not only that the story line is very interesting and the wonderful car they have in the car one and only Audi TT I which i can own that car one day. But this movie is worth to watch the show starting look ok but when it start to go deeper and deeper it start to get more and more interesting. The storyline is perfect it is the best movie i have ever watch ever since i born.

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Not only that in the movie there is a hottie name Leighton Meester and Mark Wahlberg the muscular man in the movie. What movie can beat this not only comedy but sexiness is in the movie too.

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Not only that Steven Carell and Tina Frey is damn funny it give me a stomach ache but in a good way it is like medicine. Their joke is really funny not the funny laughing at them that are not funny but upside down of it. Damn if you are under 18 please don’t continue reading this it will start to get more worse in a good way. Than the club scene and stuff all the female and male they choose are damn gorgeous. I love the part where he call himself as a pimp haha! And the pole dancing movie was fantastic in the funny way.


The laughing part was unstoppable it can continue on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on  Do you agree?  and on and on and on  on and on and on  on and on and on 


5 out of 5! The one and only fantastic movie that can save your medicine cost for just laughing. Even their box office can’ beat Avatar or Titanic it is still the best movie ever in term of comedy. Who don’t love comedy? if you hate it maybe you are abnormal or something.


Just one easy recommendation for you all you hate laughing you should watch titans of the fishes instead. If you love laughing like a mad person you should throw your money and watch this movie in 3D oops my bad there is no 3D or 1D i mean 2D! Love it or Hate it! As easy as ABC do you agree? Comedy of the YEAR



Leighton Meester act as the baby sitter! So cute of her!


See how strong is her breaking the class!


Love this part when the taxi and Audi Stick together and their stunt was funny! You should love this part!


This is the 2 bad guy trying to kill the triplehorn<<<< whatever the spelling  is!


Look at that Mussle i mean Muscle! Does it look hot or you are feeling hot?

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Čღήήϊє ♥ ﺖ said...

i just watched this~ nice one~ really damn funny haha~~ especially when they r performing pole dance haha~

Nikel Khor said...

kick off u..nice movie too

Jimmy T said...

Connie@ The best movie ever!

Nikel@ Yup one of the best since Sherlock Holmes

SpiderLily said...

its Tina Fey my dear... :)

Jimmy T said...

Spiderlily@ My bad! Thanks for correcting me!

jasty said...

O yea.. ROCKS

Anonymous said...

Excuse, that I interrupt you, but you could not paint little bit more in detail.

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Maybe on the future post =] Thanks for the comment