Friday, April 23, 2010

Using Food to Make a Gorgeous Looking Landscape


Don’t you think it look so creative and amazing on the same time. Look at the weird stuff that i don’t even know WTF it is really it is. Maybe it is hot dog?

amazing_food_photos_03 amazing_food_photos_04

Look at the carrot,vegetables make it look like a farm.

amazing_food_photos_05 amazing_food_photos_06  amazing_food_photos_08 amazing_food_photos_01 amazing_food_photos_07

But do you wish when your food it served it look like the picture? I think it is good for example you hate eating vegetables after seeing the picture of vegetables landscape you will be more interested in eating it. Look the Greenery it is so Cute! Freaking cute you know.

Maybe some people see it is too cute to eat it. Back to reality the photographer that did this are so creative, wish i am that creative like him or her. Is there chocolate farm? lol

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is out amazing edy lor..

Phang said...

Wow... Amazing! Look real ma...

Jimmy T said...

Phang@ Want or not buy 1 free one!