Friday, April 23, 2010

Adorable Animal in a mini Teacup! Aaahhhh So Cute

*Warning Rat Pancake*

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Don’t you think it is so cute? Even it is in a cup it look more cuter than a hello kitty do you agree?

rat big

WTF there is a freaking mouse in the cup! Thinking about rat or mouse whatever people name it mickey mouse untie mouse or something related nowadays you can see on road that a lot of rat have been hit by vehicle and lying on the tar road like there is no tomorrow. Weird thing is that,you will surely see it even you are a big monkey.


The fun part is that you can see that the rat would be squash like a pancake on the road. But the worst part is that all the juices will fly all out lucky it is squash nicely if not a heart or lung will be lying in front of your house instead. But it can spread disease like that. I think now rat are not that smart anymore.

rat lamp Nonfiction Design Collective.

But it think is that during at night when they see light from a car pass by maybe they think that the light is coming from the sky from heaven? maybe. But long time ago you will not see even a single hair of it but not a single ambulance would want to save the rat.

3 Lovely Comment:

Dewi Batrishya said...

Awwhh.. The kitties are most adorable!! ^^
The last Pic creeps me out! LOL

erwinator said...

poor rat got squashed... that's gonna stink. lol

Jimmy T said...

Dewi@ lol hanging rat lol

Erwinator@ Yup i saw a few times already even some of them not yet been squash! Yeewzzz