Monday, April 26, 2010

New Way to Cheat on a EXAM! You should Try it

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Ok i am not teaching you to cheat on you exam. I am just sharing cheating tips so that next time the teacher would know how you cheat using water bottle. So don’t try this at home if you get caught you will be in more deep shit than just copying. For not to be a special agent of cheating whatsoever go home and study. Cheating is not good i am telling you know. I don’t cheat on exam ok if really need it! haha

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4 Lovely Comment:

ohmywtf said...

lol....good for some subjects..but not for history :-P

Jimmy T said...

WTF@ Yup i agree too! Maybe put the main point is enough!

Daphne Le Lyra said...

oooo...ngam la tis for my final later..jimmy teach me

Jimmy T said...

Lyra@ Lol don't so bad! Study a bit don't cheat. If you want to cheat i can teach you lol

1 more way of cheating use a invisble marker and write on your hand and use a blue light on your pen to scan on your hand.

Walah Answer! lol