Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Technology that can protect a Female from Getting RAPED

Ladies it is your opportunity now to get the male raped themselves when you wear this protection from been raped.
Can you see how sharp it is? If it penetrate to a male penis it will hurt like hell and they will think 100 times before they do it again. They will have a experience that they will not forget and sleepless night with a pain that they can’t bare! Muahhahahahahah
As you can look i think you should put this stuff in it! Don’t act like you don’t know. When a guy put it in but basically the female should put it first for protection. If this happen anytime a penis penetrate it, it  will straight stuck in that person penis and they will have joy of their life. Just wait the next part would be more thriller like Michael Jackson.
See how it look like when it stuck in there. But look at the left see the sharp thingy penetrate the skin! If only it is with poison all the rapist in this world will be gone forever and ever.
As you can see this plastic model on the inside you can see a sharp thingy is penetrating it! That gonna hurt so bad that you can jump as high as a KLCC if you don’t believe it you should try it out. But it will give the rapist much thinking to do first before they want to do it. Move it Move it
antirape_04 antirape_09
This is the 3D look of it! I am not really sure the detail about this device but it look ok! But it only can stuck when the wiener is solid! When it really stuck in it, when it start to become smaller in size it will hurt even more but i think when it reach too small it will be easily remove.
So to all the pervert and rapist please watch what are you doing. You will be the victim next.

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Anonymous said...

you seriously need to improve your english.

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Maybe i am normal with my country culture, my english look like broken but it is how my country roll!

But hopefully every post that i do can improve my ENGLISH! Wish me Luck!

kenwooi said...

ouch! lol..

mizarwen said...

i wonder if we (ladies) put it in wont it hurt us too?

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ I think not! The sharp thingy is on the inside! So i think not, i am not really pro in it too lol

Adrian JY Chow said...

omg that hurts a zillion.. LOL

Jimmy T said...

Adrian@ Looking at it make me feel the PAIN!

Anonymous said...

but if u're a virgin.. i think it'll hurt to push that thing in... :(

Jimmy T said...

Shirleen@ Agree but i think it is better to hurt a bit then getting rape! Malaysian now getting worse