Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Snake With a Human Head Found in Malaysia

*Warning Watch at your Own Risk! Risk is Risk


When I first look at the picture i feel it is damn disgusting. See the picture you can see this snake have a hair and hand. I found this news at a newspaper in a Chinese Newspaper I would try my best to translate even i can’t read it. * Start your Engine* Oppps I mean Start Reading:

After reading the translation of Chinese it show that a there is a lot of myth and legend about half human and the other half is GOD. It is found in Pahang Malaysia have found Gordon not sure what it is but it say it is something like Medusa.


According to source this half human half snake was found by Malaysia aborigine. At first they saw this snake with a male and female are together but they only caught the female snake. According to witness at first the creature try to beg to put back where it was at the first time at the mountain. But according to a rumor it say that the creature trying summon the male to rescue.


The snake was display in exhibition or something but sadly it is dead already but “snake monster” have  not been verified it is real or not. The look of the creature with a snake body the head have a figure of human head and 2 thin hand coming out of it. According to a Greek Myth it portray hideous Women  if someone look into the Gordon eye that person can be turn into a Stone. I did not put the creepy picture in it, you all will feel uncomfortable later.

Enjoy the STORY!

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Nikel Khor said...

somting myth in this world

Jonshea said...

It's creepy. T___T

Jimmy T said...

John@ Yup it is scary!

Lindy said...

Creepy..although i must say the hair looks fake. :D

Jimmy T said...

Lindy@ My bulu go already keep seeing the scary pic!

HC said...

Hmmm... I'm interested in the real pic. I remain skeptical so could you please send it to my email at huan_c@hotmail.com? Thanks in advance. :)