Thursday, April 15, 2010

Female Generated by Computer that you Wish it was REAL!

cg_49 cg_01 cg_02 cg_06   cg_13 cg_14 cg_18 cg_19 cg_21 cg_24 cg_28 cg_31 cg_33 cg_36  cg_47 cg_48 cg_59 cg_61cg_63cg_60  

Now are you drooling with all the picture? Good luck in that

But their drawing look extraordinary and the beauty of it, is in the picture!

2 Lovely Comment:

Rapheal said...

real human are never that....U noe what I mean

azrin @

Jimmy T said...

Rapheal@ Yup But i wish it will be!