Sunday, April 11, 2010

People Caught Doing Something that they should not do in PUBLIC

I have the picture to proof it! You should look at their expression they are so surprise until they wanted to pee on their pants instead.

Sex in Public

Did you notice anything?

Sex in Public

I think I saw this video somewhere before but forget where is it! But ypu can notice that guy wiener is too small like someone in innit! haha what a pervert

Sex in Public

Walao! In public so much people they still do it! On top 3 of the picture they did not notice people taking picture of them. But you will enjoy after this where people caught having SEX in the car and you should see their expression!

Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in Car   Sex in Car Sex in Car Sex in CarSex in Car Sex in Car

It is funny? Look at their expression is the icing of the cake! I love the the last 2 picture that i have enlarge it. Look at first he was aaaahhhhh so nice than the next thing he was like WTF I was having so much fun and this idiot take a picture of me. I will surely be in facebook or something.


Does the face of the female ring any bell? I think it is Jessica Alba! Did you notice her leg and other is reality!

7 Lovely Comment:

w3ndee said...

walao.. all these people so embarrassed! haha


ahaha Jimmy u should try this skill! hahah

Jimmy T said...

W3ndee@ Ya! haha look at their happy expression

Tan@ What skill are you talking about haha!

kumfye said...

they enjoying having sex in the public ma...they do...we see la...not bad what...haha..

Jimmy T said...

Kumfye@ lol later go see look like a pervert!

Daphne Le Lyra said...

aahaha..soo funny see all d pic...expecially wth is the couple having sex like on d roadside?soo crazy...hahaha!

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ so naughty! Even myself never done it before!