Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 9 (a) Road Trip with My Broadband

When you are blogger and love to online it is good to have a laptop and wifi to use. If you are on a place that don't have any wifi whatosever we will cry and beg for internet and looking for internet or cubercafe around. Now there is solution you can use external USB for broadband like P1Wimax you can online anywhere anytime without to worry that we do not have any internet connection.

Not only that we have time to update our blog and read any latest update news. Their speed is not slow you will be surprise how fast it is. It is best to have something to bring around. Because our life now depend more on the internet than before. It is best to have something to use than nothing at all. People have change and even the internet have change tremendous to help our needs. Sometimes without a laptop and Internet I would feel that i am somewhere in desert without much thing to do.

Nowadays everybody have internet at home it is something part of our life. No matter you go where they is surely wifi around but it is important we have a wifi receiver in our pocket so that it is faster and no need to worry people hacking using wifi. It is because it is a something like a personal wifi.

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