Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes Thing Will Not Always Be What you Wanted it to BE!


Look at the cute fishy!


It is he sleeping? I think sleeping at the river would be fun just like what he have done.


When you are unhappy of something just throw something out of the window you will feel more relieved later. Nothing to lose only the person that are unlucky would have a free of charge headshot by a computer.


WTF! is that it look like a giant nut or something!


lol! Look at the mosquito


Haha if you drive an expensive car it is happen this to your car i bet you will poop on your parent straight away without thinking much. But it look nice though on that old car new and color.


Haha! Sleeping on the fire would be fun feel hotter and can get a new haircut


Lucky i am not in their shoe. If it really happen i better walk it would be faster than seeing so many toys car on the road. Did you try counting how many car on the picture. When you done than you can tell me how many it is.

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