Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iceland Volcano showing sign of WORLD END


Look at that!  I am feeling scared now *pee*

this_volcano_has_640_08 this_volcano_has_640_09

Look how high have the whatever you call them to the sky


Look at the funny looking color! We are really luck in Malaysia because do not have any alive Volcano but we should not take granted of it. Mother Nature have her own special trick so help to improve the environment than thinking about developing something that can have a big risk to the environment. We will never know the next day will be the end of the day.

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Life is short! Even short if there is disaster like the movie 2012. So be close with the people that love you but you don’t have time to be with people that hate you for whatever reason even it is good or bad. Even people that backstab you,

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Look how dark it is gonna be if it keep getting worst and worst by the day. It is like a room full of exhaust smoke but it is even worse. I think the black thingy is quite dangerous if we inhale in. Not good in science so Beat OFF.

   this_volcano_has_640_03 this_volcano_has_640_04 this_volcano_has_640_05  this_volcano_has_640_07

Look at all the *Angry Lava* shooting fire! LOOL


This photo look amazing white and black! Back to the topic as you know Iceland Volcano is located in the middle of whatever it is. So all the flight that cross between Asia and Europe have to stop. Because it can cause accident for the aircraft not only that the stuff coming out from the Volcano can corrode the aircraft so it is even more dangerous to travel.


Look at the RIVER! 97

Before that Economy Crisis,JE,Chicken Flu,H1N1 now Volcano! <<<< Is the sign clear enough for you all!

this_volcano_has_640_31 this_volcano_has_640_30 this_volcano_has_640_34 Passengers_wait_at_e8fdgrid_071213_travel_holidaytravel_2p.hmedium252256_1 Passengers_queue_at_10bf  

Look at the people stranded in the airport! For their only choice is to take bus,taxi or boat to their destination if it is near. If not they will play,eat,sleep in the airport. Lucky we all are not in their shoe. According to source a celebrity pay $5,500 Cab Ride to the U.S gigs the ride is about 15 freaking hours. From Oslo to Brussels

For Whitney Houston she uses the sea to reach for her World Tour. It her about 3 hours to reach the destination. But it is worth it for their fans and to get money out of it. WORLD PEACE now it is ENVRIONMENT PEACE


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scary T.T will 2010 ?

Jimmy T said...

Tan@ Ya even it is today I am scared!