Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laptop That Can Detect Earthquake

Now you don’t need to worry, now your laptop can save your LIFE! But first you need to run not just sitting in front of the laptop saying waaaahhhhh there is an earthquake i am so happy my laptop just detected an earthquake.


Now not only you can save yourself but people that are staying place that are open to earthquake. All the newer laptop that you buy will have a free program that can detect earthquake and sound to give an early warning to people about the earthquake.


Now in the market that have this technology is Apple and Lenovo that have motion sensor in the computer to detect if the computer is drop. If the sensor detect a fall or drop it will automatically shut the hard disk to protect the hard disk. There is a program call Quake-Catcher Network that run in the background collecting data and waiting for earthquake to happen anytime.


According to source the weird detector of earthquake only can detect magnitude of above 4.0  when a laptop detect something above 4.0 it will sent a signal to the researcher and maybe a possibility there is an earthquake.


Do you think it is effective? But i think it is for now, but i think animal can detect even faster.

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