Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vietnamese One and Only Elly Tran Ha


Do you agree she is gorgeous? You will be surprise how young she is and how much she have achieve!

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Name: Elly Tran Ha
From: Vietnamese
Birthday: 06-08-1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg

Do you likely?


Did you notice the dragonfly?

You will rarely find perfect Asian Female and now is your chance! At 2009 her picture have been circulating around the net, where she started to be notice and getting famous. She is on the same time doing modeling part time during her study years. She is only 23 years old for 2010. She also known as Elly Kim Hong.

I know I know it is Old News! But just want to share to people that did not notice it before ^_^

2 Lovely Comment:

kRaZy said...

u said she's young and i was expecting her to be like 17-18 lol

Jimmy T said...

Krazy@ Consider young loh for ASIAN! But she look like 30 years old with that assest!